Lesson Plan : Simple Present Tense

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 Sophia Vogt
 World Languages

 Simple Present Tense
 Mark: Hello, Can I ask you some questions for an interview? Jennifer: Yes, I can answer some questions. Mark: Thank you for taking the time. Now, first question: What do you do? Jennifer: I work in a library. I'm a librarian. Mark: Are you married? Jennifer: Yes, I am. Mark: What does your husband do? Jennifer: He works as a policeman. Mark: Do you usually have dinner together? Jennifer: Yes, we do. Mark: How often does your husband exercise? Jennifer: He sometimes exercises four times a week. But, he usually exercises only twice a week. Mark: Where do you like going on holiday? Jennifer: We rarely go on holiday. However, we like going to the mountains if we can. Mark: What type of books do you read? Jennifer: I often read horror stories. Mark: Thank you very much for answering my questions. Jennifer: You're welcome!
 To improve pronunciation, and usage of simple present tense.
 Interactive web exercise after lesson
 Distribute dialogue
 Read dialogue Ask students to take turns reading Correct pronunciation Explain vocabulary
 Ask comprehension questions: Q: Where does Mary work? A: She works in a library. Q: What does Mary's husband do for work? A: He works as a policeman. Q: Do they usually eat dinner together? A: Yes, they usually eat dinner together. Q: How often does Mary's husband exercise? A: He exercises four times a week. Q: Where do they normally go for vacation? A: They go to the mountains when they can. Q: What type of books does Mary read? A: Mary reads horror stories.
Checking For Understanding:
 Comprehension questions: -What is the difference between the simple future and the future continuous? A: SIMPLE FUTURE shows that there is an intention to do something. -She is going to speak to the class tomorrow. FUTURE CONTINUOUS shows that the action will be in progress. -The boy will be cleaning his room when his mother comes home. Ask students to put certain verbs into simple present, simple past, simple future, present continuous, past continuous, and future continuous
 Ask all students what they will be doing tonight (answer in the future continuous: I will be studying.....etc.)
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