Lesson Plan : Food Preferences

Teacher Name:
 Luz Mar�a Oc�riz Cano
 Grade 3
 World Languages

 Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Oficial Estatal "18 de Marzo" Third Bimester, Unit 3B, Groups: 3�A, 3�B, 3�C,3�I,3�J.
 To express the way to express preferences about food. To ask and answer about food. To develop strategies about reading understanding.
 The student will be able to express their preferences about fast food.
 The students will be able to identify information from a text, the students will be able to express their preferences and to order fast food in a fast food restaurant.
 Text book page 85
 1.- write on the board : What is the most popular food in Mexico? The students will answer the question according with their own information.
 2.- Read the text about The History of the Hamburger which is famous all over the world and find the following: two nationalities, two names of three people, two dates, the names of two cities.
 3.- Write in the board: What about you ? Do you like hamburgers? 4.- Put a check next to the correct option for you. 5.- The students will listen to Beth talking with her friend Molly and they will complete the dialog.
 7.- The students will read the dialog again and answer the questions from exercise 3.
Checking For Understanding:
 8.- The students will work in pairs and they will act out a dialog similar to the one in the book, using their favorite food and drink.
 9.- write on the board How much do you know your best friend? Then ask the students to write the name of her or his best friend on a sheet of paper, then ask them to write about their favorite food and drink. After that ask them to read in from of the class with out mention the name, finally ask the students to guess who was that student?
 The students are able to ask and answer about favorite food and drink.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will notice if some students need extra practice in order to describe their favorite food or drink by using some adjectives like spicy. sweet or sour.

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