Lesson Plan : Mix all the Ingredients

Teacher Name:
 Luz Maria Ocáriz cano
 Grade 3
 World Languages

 Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Oficial Estatal " 18 de Marzo" Topic : How to discuss about food Third Bimester Groups: 3°A,3°B,3°C,3°I,3°J Date : from February 8th to February 12th 2010. Text book page: 84
 The correct use of A/An, Some and Any with COUNTABLE and UNCOUNTABLE nouns. There is / There are. New Vocabulary : Soup , Salad , Main Course, Beverages, Desserts.
 The students will be able to recognize countable and uncountable nouns. The students will be able to ask or order something in the correct way, using a/an , some or any.
 1.- Present and Practice the way they should ask and answer about food from different countries. 2.- Write the names of the countries in the lines below each picture. 3.- Match the typical dishes with the corresponding countries.
 Text book the cd from the listening from track 50
 4.- Write on the board the name from the countinents , then ask the students to write the name of three countries from each continent, after that ask some students the names from the countries in page 84.
 5.- Work in pairs and ask them to add some other countries with their typical food.
 6.- Listen to some people talking abouit their typical dishes and complete the chart below their pages. They can use the words inside the box to help them.
 8.-The students will match the words with the pictures from dishes from around the world. 9.- The students will listen to the recording from track 50 in order to check their answers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Work in pairs check their learning, ask them to close their books and to ask each other about typical meals around the world. Where are pizzas from ? They arer from italy.
 Work in groups of four ask your students to write in their notebooks the name of four regional dishes. Then ask the studenst to ask each other about the dishes: Where are clayudas from ?
 The students will be able to act out a conversation where they ask each other about the typical food from different states from the Mexican Republic.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will be able to recognize possible problems when the students are asking each other and to show How to recognize and oprder Mexican cuisine, with 100 % accuracy. Done by : Luz María Ocáriz Cano Supervised by : Prof. Rafael Medrano Mendoza.

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