Lesson Plan : ER Verbs

Teacher Name:
 Seņorita Viviani
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 Er Verbs, Subject Pronouns, Conjugation
 See attached sheets
 1- To review "ER" Verbs 2- To review subject pronouns 3- To review conjugation 4- To assess students ability to identify conjugated verbs
 1- Students will review "ER" verbs with the class set of flash cards. 2- Students will match the verb endings with the appropriate subject pronouns. 3- Students will practice conjugating verbs to match the given subject pronoun. 4- Students will read a paragraph in the target language.
 White Board, mini white boards, worksheets, flash cards
 I will begin class by using a set of flash cards to review the "er" verbs. I will hold up a card with the Spanish verb on it. I will say the verb in Spanish and the students will write down English. Next, as a class we will review subject pronouns and their corresponding verb endings.
 Students will practice conjugating verbs according to the subject pronoun given. They will have 5 minutes to do as many possible. We will go over the worksheet. Students will correct their sheets. Then, we will review the verbs again with picture cards. I will hold up a picture and the students will write the Spanish verb on the mini white boards.
 In class students will read a paragraph which contains conjugated er verbs. They will have to identify the conjugated er verbs based on their verb ending. Then they will have to make a list of the er verbs in the infinitive.
Checking For Understanding:
 As a follow up, Students will answer a series of reading comprehension questions in the target language.
Teacher Reflections:

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