Lesson Plan : ROPA BASICA

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 Fiterman & Doyle
 Grade 5
 World Languages

 Ropa - Clothing Grades 4-6
 ropa básica para calor y frío, para jugar y ocasiones elegantes y adjetivos para describirlos. Nuestros alumnos tienen clase de 30 minutos una o dos veces por semana.
 Students will be able to name clothing items and use color and size to modify appreciating the use of number, gender and correct word order in Spanish.
 Students will be able to describe what they are wearing or would wear in several circumstances. Pronunciation will be excellent. Most students will understand number and gender and be able to use it orally or self correct. Students will be able to identify clothing by listening or reading.
 Vocabulary list. Color cards. Backpack full of clothing. Student made stick figure dolls and paper clothing. Document projector for full class number/gender activities. Photos from magazines or newspapers and document projector.
 Showing clothing. Name, show listen & repeat.
 Repetition. Giving vocabulary list. Movement with students naming their clothing.
 Q & A What are you wearing? What do you wear when (it is cold / hot / an elegant occasion/ etc.)
 Partners in groups of 2 or 3 Ability to answer with one or more than one correct answer Ability to add adjectives as students feel comfortable Open notes when needed Modeling & repetition available when needed
Checking For Understanding:
 Presentations in groups of 2 & 3 Presentations in full circle Checking the illustrations - do the numbers match the items given Presentations of fully clothed stick figures - label in Spanish
 Move on to body parts, "to cover my arms I wear..." In foreign language we do not close as much as build and weave previous information into the next unit. This builds on adjectives, color and weather and leads up to body parts.
 Daily presentations: Full group presentations: Illustrations: Stick figures: How many students stayed basic, how many added adjectives and tried to make it more complex?
Teacher Reflections:

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