Lesson Plan : WH-Questions & The Self Pronoun

Teacher Name:
 Ray Archer
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Questions asking for specific information & their non-manual markers, Self Pronoun and its two functions
 WH-Q signs include: Who,What,When,Where,Why,Which,How,What-for, How-Many/How-Much Self Pronoun as a reflexive pronoun and as a subject pronoun
 Students will be able to recognize, understand, and produce the manual and non-manual grammatical components of WH-Questions and the Self Pronoun.
 Students will replicate facial expressions and correct production of signed sentences modeled by the instructor. Students will know which WH-Q sign to use for its specific purpose. Students will be able to use the Self Pronoun for two different functions.
 Hands & Body!, Overhead Projector, ASL Book, Worksheets
 Deaf People rely on non-manual behaviors for much of their communication - body-movement, timing, & facial expression. What are some ways that facial expressions are used in ASL? What are some question types that we have know? How do our facial expressions change?
 Discuss voice inflection for Yes/No and Wh-Questions. and how the eye-brows mirror the voice inflection. Teacher will model sentences shown on overheads and offer various other examples.
 Students will replicate signing of modeled sentences signed by the instructor. Those using the correct manual production of signs and articulation of facial expressions will be noted by the instructor and prompted to demonstrate. Instructor will have students write the signed sentences.
 Have students exchange partners, partners try to mirror exactly when and how much facial expression changes - for example, the movement of the eyebrows and during what part of the question.
Checking For Understanding:
 Instructor will ask various questions using different question types toward the end of the lesson. Students appropriate response will indicate understanding of question and signs.
 Teacher will verbally clarify information and answer any questions the students have. Homework will be assigned to assess written understanding of signs and non-manual components of ASL.
 To be determined by homework.
Teacher Reflections:

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