Lesson Plan : Mi familia

Teacher Name:
 Maureen McNichol
 Grade 3
 World Languages

 Basic Spanish vocabulary for members of the family.
 the family: la familia, la hija: the daughter, el hijo: the son, the children: los hijos, the parents: los padres, mother: la madre, mom/mommy: la mama, father: el padre, dad/daddy: el papa, the sister: la hermana, the brother: el hermano, the baby: el bebe the grandparents: los abuelos, the grandmother: la abuela, the grandfather: el abuelo, Quien?: who, son: they are
 In this lesson the students will learn the basic vocabulary associated with the family. They will also be able to answer questions with quien (who).
 1. Students will state in Spanish the basic vocabulary associated with the family. 2. Students will complete the handout which includes a family tree. 3. Students will be able to correctly answer questions with quien: who.
 1. Handout on La familia
 Review the family vocabulary introduced in the previous lesson. Introduce the handout on La familia. Direct the children's attention to the pictures on the front page. Ask the students to guess which family menber each picture represents.
 Encourage the children to talk about their families. Continue with the reading of the second page of the handout. Read aloud the sentences on this page. After reading the dialogue, ask the children to complete the phrases at the bottom using the information from the dialogue.
 On the folowing page of the handout, read the Lectura aloud to the children. Read it again, one sentence at a time, and have the children repeat it, making sure they understand the meaning of all the vocabulary words noted in bold. Explain to the children that they must fill in the blank(s) to complete what each character is saying.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have the students complete Marta's family tree. In the box at the top of the page, the children will find all the words that they need to complete the family tree. Explain that the first empty box is for the title, the second one is to show the Spanish word for parents, thd the fifth one is to show the Spanish word for children. Ask the children to fill in all the empty boxes and include an illustration above each of the following boxes: 3, 4, 6 and 7.
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