Lesson Plan : Directions

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 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Las direcciones
 Norte,sur,este, oeste. Doble, gire, detente, a la izquierda, a la derecha, entre, detras, cuadras, regrese, siga derecho, cerca de, detras de, en frente de, a lado de, junto a, camine, medios de transporte.
 to identify places,give addresses,choose transportation, request directions and give instructions how to get a place.
 In this lesson plan what I want is to teach the students the difference of infrastructure in Latin America and the different means of transportation we have. Also,for the future, Indicate them how to get to places in case of traveling to Hispanic countries in a practical way.
 A map, flash cards(transportation based)T.V, Video tape,
 The classroom will be already set up, Students will have their vocabulary written on a paper,I Will explain the vocabulary. I will also ask some questions about transportation.
 I will use variety to give directions. I will not just speak. I will make my directions clear by using gestures, pointing to a map and repeating key information. This helps others make sense of your words.
 We will review the vocabulary, I teach the vocabulary of transportation using the flash cards. Then, They will practice essential vocabulary by walking in the classroom and following my directions. eg, walk straight, stop and turn right, Etc.
 We can make use of the dictionary to improve more creativity and originality. or work in peers.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be checking for understanding and give feedback and assessment.
 They will turn in the paper once they get it done.
 Originality, Accurate use of vocabulary, peer editing and creativity
Teacher Reflections:

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