Lesson Plan : Foreign Language Importance

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 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Why Foreign Language is Important
 Purpose/Importance of Foreign Language
 Students will be able to give three reasons why foreign language education is important.
 Students will gain a new understanding of the importance of foreign laungage education.
 Overhead projector, Rush Holt article, paper, writing utensils
 Overhead projector: True/False participation anticipatory questions Give 5 minutes for the students to write the answers in their journals. Read each question aloud, ask students to raise their hands if they responded yes/no. Introduce article. Who is Rush Holt?
 Read through article as a class, identifying any unknown words. Talk about key ideas of each paragraph.
 Ask the students to group into assigned pairs and to discuss: 1. their reactions to the article 2. discuss and write out complete answers to the discussion questions Re-group as a class again and discuss each question asking each group their opinions. Then cite the Obama quote, "We should have every child speaking more than one language." According to time, either ask the students their opinions on this quote or have them split into two teams and debate this using a PRO and CON category on the whiteboard and recording their points.
 Walk around room during reading and clearing up any unknown words individually. Offer the homework to be done in a written or drawn manner.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students discuss the main ideas of the text. Teacher guides discussion and responses to discussion questions appropriately and makes sure that the questions are understood and clear.
 Present same anticipatory questions. Ask them to again write their answers. Ask them if they had any changed answers.
 Quality of homework, in-class discussion, changed anticipatory responses.
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