Lesson Plan : Mis Datos Personales

Teacher Name:
 Cindy Harder
 Grade 4
 World Languages

 Personal Information
 Subject matter: sharing personal information about yourself with others. Key vocabulary: la ficha, leer, datos, la foto, pegar, cortar, las tijeras, el pegamento, el papel, la fecha, la escuela
 Considerable fluency in talking about themselves to others.
 The learner will be able to write personal information about himself, and share it with other classmates in oral presentations.
 digital camera, scissors, glue sticks, one information card per child, textbooks (to show example, colored markers.
 Go around the class taking each child's picture with the digital camera. This generates a lot of immediate interest and holds the students' attention, as they're wondering what I'm going to do with their pictures! Then I start to share personal information about myself (in Spanish) with the entire class. (with lots of animation and overly exaggerated gestures) (this is taken exactly from an example in the textbook "Nuevo Bravo, Bravo", level 4, Santillana. Mi nombre completo es: _____________ Nac� en: __________, el dia _______de ________ de _________. Mi pap� se llama ________. Mi mam� se llama _______. Tengo _______ hermanos. Voy a la escuela ______________. Estoy en el _____________ grado.
 Open textbook to page 11. Point out the boy's picture (Juan Jos� Gonzales) at top of page. Go over his own personal information "ficha" and read his responses to each sentence. Continue to talk about the boy with the class. Ask questions about his answers. Ie: �Tiene hermanos Juan? �Cu�ntos? Then, start asking students questions about themselves. �Cu�l es tu nombre completo? etc........keep asking them questions and modeling the answers for them so they will know how to write it later in the lesson.
 Pair the students up. Tell them to pretend they're filling in the ficha about themselves, and have them fill in the blanks orally. They must listen to each other's answers and attempt to correct each other as needed. Then teacher will model how to answer each question in written form on the board.
 Some students will need lots of extra help. Those students will eventually be paired up with the students who completed this worksheet with ease. Set up a mentoring situation where the more advanced student actually teaches the student who needs extra help. This benefits both tremendously.
Checking For Understanding:
 After I distribute the printed digital photos of each child, they will cut out their pictures and glue them to the sheet. They will then decorate their page however they like. Then each child is asked to stand in front of the class and present their personal information. They are allowed to hold their sheet and read it word for word. Their pronunciation is corrected minimally as my focus is mostly on their ability to share basic information and to be understood.
 We re-open the textbook to p. 11 and view Juan Jos� Gonzales' example. This time the students can easily answer any information I ask of them about Juan and his personal stats.
 Students are evaluated on both their oral presentation and their written work.
Teacher Reflections:
 Their papers are hung outside my door in the hallway, which they LOVE! Anytime students are given the opportunity to talk about themselves and to display their work, they develop a tremendous sense of pride. I wasn't looking for perfection or absolute accuracy, but more for an ability to share information about themselves with others in a general sense.

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