Lesson Plan : Present Progressive

Teacher Name:
 Seņorita Cannon
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 Present Progressive Grammar Pattern Estar + Stem of Action Verb + Ando/Iendo
 Talking about what you are doing right this moment. Estar (present tense conjugation) Infinitive Action Verb
 The student will understand the correct use of the present progressive grammar pattern. Student will correctly apply the pattern to communicate their present action Student will use prior knowledge of the verb estar to form the pattern correctly
 Active Board Student Pattern Chart (created earlier in the semester) Picture Cards
 Students will review Estar and recall the definition and conjugation of the verb. Students will talk about what they are currently doing to understand present progressive.
 Students will copy the pattern for formation of the present progressive into their notes. Students will create two original examples in the Target Language and define them in English. Teacher will ask each student to think about an action that they can safely perform in the classroom. Teacher will call on a student to perform their action. An observing student must use the present progressive to describe what the modeling student is doing at that moment.
 Students will stand in a circle and throw a ball to one other. The student throwing the ball must perform an action. The student who catches the ball must use the present progressive to describe what the other student is doing. Students will use www.quia.com to practice the formation and application of the present progressive pattern. This particular website has review games and practice quizzes on the Present Progressive.
 Dyslexic student will use the same pattern chart to identify which sentences are present progressive. Student will indicate such sentences with a mark. Student will orally communicate to the teacher how they would translate the English sentence to present progressive.
Checking For Understanding:
 Formative Assessment (lesson will continue throughout the year) Student Poll (On a scale of 1-3, How comfortable are you with this concept?)
 Students will use this pattern throughout the semester. Students will be evaluated on their ability to use a variety of different patterns and communicate using each pattern.
 Observation during the internet activity Student poll Student performance on skill sheet
Teacher Reflections:

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