Lesson Plan : Noun/Adjective Agreement

Teacher Name:
 J. Lee
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Noun/Adjective Agreement Unique uses of adjectives Review of Noun/Adjective Agreement Review of Thematic Vocabulary
 Continued use of adjectives and their unique uses. (Bueno and Malo) Uses of tener, llevar and le gusta Thematic Vocabulary- appearance Continue review of Noun/Adjective Agreement Thematic Vocabulary pertaining to one's appearance
 Students will be able to: describe various things and people using bueno/malo and the other unique adjectives. listen and watch, then describe what the actors were wearing on the DVD program. complete activities that review the material learned in this chapter.
 Students will be able to: successfully describe various people using vocabulary learned in this chapter complete activities in text pertaining to above vocabulary and noun adjective agreement learn that the o is dropped in front of a singular masculine noun in front of the adjectives bueno, malo, uno listen to three sounds in the Spanish language and recognize that they are the same as the sounds produced in the English language. listen to a description of a girl and be able to answer questions about her.
 overhead, text, workbook, CD player, participation cards, DVD, computer, AV equipment
 Bell-ringer on overhead- students to describe the appearance of people. Ask students to describe in writing people and things using the unique adjective set-up that we learned this chapter.
 Teacher to continue reinforcement of the need for noun adjective agreement in the Spanish language. Teacher will demonstrate through over enunciation of sounds Teacher will play oral dialogues to help develop students listening comprehension/speaking skills. Teacher will explain special adjectives that can be placed in front of nouns and the fact that certain letters are dropped in such cases. Teacher to review with students the material learned in this chapter. Teacher will go over homework with students, remind them to correct errors and use the participation cards. Teacher will play the DVD from this chapter and ask students to describe what the actors are wearing.
 Orally review with students the rules of noun/adjective agreement Activity 14,15 pp. 61-62 with participation cards Discussion of unique circumstances/Activity 18 p.63. Pronunciation Activities Listening Comprehension- Act. 19 p. 63.
Checking For Understanding:
 Orally assess students comprehension of the uses of bueno, malo, uno and grande. Call on students to give examples of each (chance) Teacher will assess students' understanding of material in this chapter when going over homework, written and oral activities. CLOSURE/RECAP: Teacher will go over various questions with students that could be asked on test tomorrow (orally).
 Trivia Question of the Day Exam 1.1 Wednesday Trivia question of the day Reminder: Test tomorrow
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