Lesson Plan : Definite and Indefinite Articles

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 J. Lee
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 1. Adjectives and their agreement Definite and Indefinite Articles 2. Adjective/Noun agreement in gender and number Thematic Vocabulary Special uses of adjectives Adjectives that change meaning
 Thematic Vocabulary- description of physical appearance, clothing Definite and Indefinite Articles in the Spanish Language Cultural Notes Irregular adjectives, special cases and words that change meaning when used in different places. Literal vs. figurative speech.
 Students will be able to repeat vocabulary words and pronounce over half of them correctly Students will be able to explain to me the difference between definite and indefinite articles and tell me the four articles in Spanish for each. Students will learn that nicknames are just as common in the Spanish Language as they are in the English Language. Students will learn different words for blue jeans in different Spanish speaking countries. Students will be able to listen and complete the activities in the Listening Comprehension section of workbook. Students will be able to repeat vocabulary words and pronounce the majority of them correctly. Students will be able to tell me a couple of nicknames they learned yesterday in class. Students will be able to tell me a couple of different words for blue jeans that are used in other Spanish speaking countries.
 Overhead, text, white board, CD player, Magazine Pages
 Warm-up (bell-ringer) Students to tell me the nickname when I call out the name in Spanish Students to tell me other names for blue jeans in Spanish Translate: Paco wears long blue jeans (if I were in Spain) ?Qué lleva...? Overhead pictures of people. Students need to describe
 Mostly review today- teacher will guide students through vocab words by asking them to repeat. Teacher will reinforce the need for adjective noun agreement in Spanish and the fact that it needs to "rhyme" in a sense, so one knows they are in agreement.
 Teacher will guide students through their homework packet while students make corrections. Teacher will facilitate while, together, several activities are completed in the text to practice concepts learned. "Gender" box p. 56; Activities 6-7 p. 57; Act. 8 p. 58. Review with students adjective noun agreement Teacher will continue to review vocab and reinforce the need for agreement in the spanish language. Teacher will demonstrate grammatically correct sentences when setting students up for activities.
Checking For Understanding:
 Quick oral check on noun adjective agreement and description of clothing. Teacher will describe different people in the room while class has to say who it is. present overhead of person and have student write down a grammatically correct statement.
 Remind students quiz on vocabulary Wednesday Trivia question. Trivia question Remind students of vocab. quiz tomorrow.
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