Lesson Plan : Members of a Family Unit

Teacher Name:
 David Porzio
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Spanish Family
 members of the family: mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, grandmother, etc. Adjectives that describe individual members of the family, words that describe relations within family, likes/dislikes. Gustar and other similar verbs. Comparitive and superlative forms.
 To identify in Spanish names of family members correctly. Students must be able to effectively describe the characteristics of their own family. Students must be able to describe the relations within their own family.
 Students should be able to speak and write effectively about members of the family and the relations within their own family.
 pens/pencils, paper, textbook
 Give students vocabulary on family members, they will write this down in their notebooks and I will ask students to write down each member of their own family.
 Introduce gustar and similar verbs, then comparative and superlative forms. Make sure all students understand the material by asking them questions about the material. Have them also speak about their own families.
 Have students work in pairs to describe at least four family members using the grammar and vocabulary presented in class. They will do this activity for ten to fifteen minutes. At the end, students will present several family members to the class orally.
 Students can use textbooks and notes to work on the in-class assignment. If they need help on the assignment, they may ask me or their partner for help. If they need additional help on the overall material, they should see me before or after school for additional help.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will assess the students on grammar, vocabulary nd clarity of speech while presenting the family members. Throughout the class, I will ask questions about grammar and vocabulary, making sure the students fully understand the material.
 I will end the class with a review on what was learned today. I will ask students to to say what they learned and ask questions that relates to the material. I will remind them of the homework assignment as well as a quiz that will test them on today's material.
 I will evaluate the students on the oral presentation and their written work. I will evaluate vocabulary and grammar use as well as clarity of speech and ideas. I will also closely watch the class as they complete the assignment and grade how well each student is using their time in class.
Teacher Reflections:

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