Lesson Plan : Verbos

Teacher Name:
 Jessica Muņoz
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 Verbos en espaņol
 Student will be able to identify verbs in any given Spanish work (i.e. a book, magazine, newspaper, textbook, etc.)
 Student will be able to identify verbs in any given Spanish literature and will know how it was conjugated referring back to the list of conjugations.
 Selected pages from Spanish literature
 Give students a list of verbs and discuss how they are conjugated.
 Show students an example of a page of Spanish literature that has most of the verbs highlighted. I will ask them if they can find any verbs I missed and they will have to mark the verb.
 In groups of three students will have three minutes to highlight or circle as many verbs as they can identify in three pages of Spanish literature.
Checking For Understanding:
 Pick a word and ask the students if this is a verb. If it is not I will ask the students to pick out the verb in the sentence.
 Ask for any questions. Ask students how they know to identify a verb in a sentence.
 Give students individual pages of Spanish literature and have them circle as many verbs as they can in one minute.
Teacher Reflections:
 Hopefully students will be able to identify verbs and start learning how they are used and when they are used in a sentence. The acitivity is really simple, however I feel that the students need to know the tenses of the verbs as well as the verbs when they get into a higher level of Spanish.

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