Lesson Plan : Gender of Spanish Nouns

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 Ms. Marie
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 masculine, feminine, definite, indefinite singular, plural
 1.identify nouns that are masculine or feminine masculine nouns generally end in o; feminine nouns end in a nouns that end in a consonant like r, generally are masculine; the feminine counter parts have an a added, like el profesor, la profesora other nouns that are definitely masculine have a masculine article, like papa = el papa 2. tell which article to use for definite and indefinite singular, plural
 given a noun, tell me the gender by placing the correct article with it more than one article can be used given an article, tell me the nouns that can go with it from our list of vocab given an English noun with an article, give the correct translation using one of the 8 articles given a list that says masculine or feminine, classify each noun under the correct heading
 vocab list el, los, las, la, un, unos, una. unas list with heading of masculine or feminine
 to talk about a specific noun, we use the, no matter if it's a girl, a boy, a chair, a city or a feeling (like happiness); whether singular or plural a general noun, a boy, girl, etc is the same; that is, a or an but nothing different
 Spanish and other romantic languages have gender which is determined by the articles el libro, la casa, el suelo, la television: non living nouns have arbitrary articles, there is no definition for masculine or feminine noun. With living nouns, like people and animals, females are feminine and males are masculine...usually with a corresponding "root" el chico, la chica, la profesora, el profesor, el gato, la gata, el dentista, la dentista
 I say a noun in Spanish, students hold up a 3X5 card with either el, la, los, las I say a noun in Spanish, but the article is in English, students hold up the correct article again "a chico"; some profesoras, the medico, some escritores
Checking For Understanding:
 have students choose words not on vocab list and make plurals or change to indefinite articles
 give me the 4 different ways to classify a noun as masculine and the 4 ways to classify a noun as feminine
Teacher Reflections:

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