Lesson Plan : Italian Adjectives

Teacher Name:
 Francesca Tinnirello
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Students will explore and comprehend adjectives in Italian. Based off the Illinois State Goal #28D for foreign languages, which states that students should use the target language to present information, concepts and ideas for a variety of purposes to different audiences.
 - what an adjective is -learning examples adjectives: antipatico(a)- unpleasant carino(a)-pretty buono(a)-good/well comodo(a)- comfortable contento (a)-happy/glad malato(a)- sick, ill brutto(a)-ugly grande-big pulito(a)-clean cattivo (a)- bad nervoso(a)- nervous simpatico(a)-sympathetic (person, situation) sporco(a)-dirty tranquillo(a)-calm, quiet vecchio(a)- old
 The goal of the lesson is to allow students to explore this aspect of grammar in the Italian language. Students should be able to better express themselves in a foreign language. This lesson is also a method of learning new vocabulary. Through this lesson students should also advance in writing. Students should meet the state standard #28D for foreign languages also.
 Students will learn the adjectives in Italian, draw a picture in paint on the computer, and express the adjective described in Italian.
 -guide of adjectives or text book stating the adjectives -chalk board and chalk -computers -Paint program -printer -paper and pencil to write phrase to present in front of class(optional)
 -have students define what an adjective -in English have students state examples of adjectives
 -have students open up textbooks stating the adjectives -have students study adjectives -together in class go over one or two examples and demonstrate theatrically what the adjective describes example: grande-big (hand motion hands spread far apart)
 -take students to the computer lab -allow them to choose an adjective or two and draw a picture to represent
 -assist students who are having difficulty using the computer -have students hand draw a picture if necessary
Checking For Understanding:
 -students will present picture and phrase in front of class and a method of assessment to both fellow peers and the teacher
 -allow students a chance to view and discuss pictures among peers -have students display pictures/adjectives on a bulletin board in the class as a method of positive reinforcement
 -circulate around room while students are on computers -evaluate presentations at the end of lesson -take note of students quality of work and effort
Teacher Reflections:
 -go back and note students' work -look at pictures displayed on the bulletin board as a final assessment for a grade

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