Lesson Plan : Signing- Family, Fun and Feelings

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Miles
 Grade 6
 World Languages

 Signing Times Volume 4 Family Fun and Feelings
 Learning English vocabulary through signing. Vocabulary house, home, family, sister, brother,son, daughter, uncle, aunt, cousins, tree, wind, leaf, grass, cloud, rain, snow, coat, goots, gloves, hat, feelings, grumpy, surprised, silly, scared, excited, sick, love, I love you sign
 1.To be able to sign while learning new English vocabulary 2.To be able to sign and sing songs
 Objectives are the learning of 2 languages instead of one. To be able to express yourself in new ways
 video and handouts
 Today lets go over the signs we have learned this year then practice the Silly Pizza Song. For those who were not here this is your chance to learn new signs and a fun song. We will practice slowly and if you want later you can take your paper home with you and see if you can sign the song faster. Any words you do not understand ask me or look up the word in a dictionary.
 Model signing vocabulary to use in the Silly Pizza Song and In a House song.Then sing the song slowly while the children try the new signs. .
 After the students feel that they know the signs play the song
Checking For Understanding:
 Ok we only have 8 or 9 more classes so we will finish the signing and 2 more classes of yoga. Testing must start the middle of December so if you do not come to class you will get an incomplete.
 Students will be evaluated one on one with this use of hand signals. The teacher will show them pictures that they must sign for. We will have students sign 15 different items or people.
Teacher Reflections:
 The evaluation worked out great! Most students actually enjoyed getting tested in that fashion. Some of my lower level students did outstanding using that format. I will need to incorporate this more in the evaluation process.

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