Lesson Plan : Basic Introduction To Spanish

Teacher Name:
 Adriana Rocha
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Introduction to Spanish.
 -This week's New Words -Numbers -Pronouns
 The students will be introduced to basic Spanish words and sounds that will help them grammatically for further knowledge of the Spanish language in writing and speaking.
 Using the audio clips and my voice, students will recognize, recite, and recall the new words provided for this week orally and attentively.
 Overhead Projector, audio clips from CD, flashcards (handmade).
 Welcome to Spanish I! Followed by asking students previous knowledge of the language and provide the importance of the lesson and it's objectives.
 I will begin lesson by passing out the list of the new words and using the overhead projector students will follow along each word by listening to the pronunciation and meaning of each. Using my voice and audio clips.
 Students will repeat after me with flashcards, list of words and audio. I will also place a check alongside words that have been introduced and ask questions to students by calling on them and have them recall the correct word and meaning as a class.
 I will proactively accommodate my instruction qualitatively providing multiple approaches to assessment, process, and product based on how individual students learn and how they demonstrate what they learned.
Checking For Understanding:
 Having prepared a large number or oral questions beforehand, I will ask students to answer question who's hands are raised or not raised while circulating the room and correcting their errors and demonstrating to the class desired sound.
 I will wrap up the lesson by passing out a worksheet that summarizes the contents taught in class until the bell rings and taken home to be finished and returned to go over for next class period. This will also provide further practice for them.
 Using the worksheet I passed out, and my observations, I will evaluate students progress by measuring the degree of comprehension and retention of content.
Teacher Reflections:

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