Lesson Plan : Eating in a Restaurant

Teacher Name:
 Diann Shorter
 Grade 5
 World Languages

 1.Eating in a fast food and sit down restaurant 2. Building and designing your own restaurant.
 A.Vocabulary-Salads/appetizers,Sandwich sets,lunch combinations,meatball sub,roast beef,lasagna,milk shakes, B. I'll have- I'd like- Could I get, I want,How much,Pricing, ingredients, There is/There are, When...and if...clausescooks
 1.To learn how to order in a fast food and sit-down restaurant 2. To be creative and design your own restaurant
 To watch to see if they understand
 Today we will continue to practice eating in a fast food restaurant and add something new. Eating in a sit-down restaurant and ordering. Then each person will design their own restaurantusing as much vocabulary as possible.This will be difficult so use the dictionaries and ask me for help whenever needed.Use the example I gave you as a guide.
 Go over the vocabulary on the board and answer any questions the students may have. Then when all the students have practiced ordering read the description of the MES restaurant to them as they look at their handouts. Have them look up or explain any words they do no understand.
 Listen to them practice ordering. Help them build the advertisement for their restaurant.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ok everyone for those who do not finish today you can finish on Wednesday. Also I am reminding you about Harry Potter to go to the school website and study for the next movie quiz. All of the winner of the 4 Harry Potter quizes names will be put into a hat and a name will be drawn for the grand prize.A HARRY POTTER CHESS SET I also want to remind you that in order to get a dollar you must complete all you work on Wednesdays with only 2 mistakes. Alot of the mistake being made are careless, not checking your work carefully and not asking for help when needed. I will help you but you must ask.
 This is a fun one. Students will be asked to order. They will then rate their meal based on what they were expecting and what they received. A rubric will be used to help students and the teachers.
Teacher Reflections:
 This was a really fun trip. We will need to raise funds or have a meal sponsored next year because this was very expensive for everyone and some students couldn't afford the trip.

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