Lesson Plan : Conversation About the Weather

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Juiles Niley
 World Languages

 Learning advance vocabulary on the Weather and continuing our conversation HOW'S IT GOING 1.Conversation-small talk 2. The Weather
 Handouts of new weather vocabulary, Listening test on the weather. Talking about everyday happenings and the weather.
 To be able to broaden the vocabulary when talking about the weather so the student can broaden their conversation. To be able to listen and understand. 1. To perfect talking in the past 2. To be able to speak about the weather with more advance language.
 1.To have the teachers and parents to be able to meet an English speaking person or myself and be able to have small talk with a broad variety of subjects. 2. To be able to talk about the weather with advance language 3. To be able to change Celsius to Fahrenheit 3. To see if they can distinguish between the different types of weather
 Handouts, PowerPoint and the blackboard
 Today we will learn new vocabulary concerning the weather and hope to use it in our conversations. Good Afternoon everyone. Today we will advance our small talk and add the topic of the weather. We all know how to talk about simple things concerning the weather so today we will learn more advance terms. Also we will continue our conversation "How's it going?" and work on our past verbs through games and practice.
 Practice with handouts and listening. Show the PowerPoint and give the handouts for a warm-up. Go over some known words then have them do some practice sentences. I will play Weather Forcaster and they must listen and write down what I say.Then we will practice some more advance words about the weather.
 Practice our conversation HOW'S IT GOING. Continued practice of their conversations
Checking For Understanding:
 Listen to see if they use a variety of new weather words in their conversations.
 We will continue broadening our vocabulary on the weather next week then we will move on to describing peoples personalities and appearance.
 Students will take a weather test the following week. It will include all types of words we have covered this far in the course.
Teacher Reflections:
 OK everyone as we continue our conversations in the next few weeks I want to hear you using more new vocabulary that we have learned. In December you will be tested and I will have a conversation with each of you individually and you must answer without the use of the board.

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