Lesson Plan : Simple Future Tense

Teacher Name:
 Mari Stebner
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 Simple future tense
 forms of ir (voy, vas, va, vamos, van) review of basic clothing (la camisa, la camiseta, la blusa, el suéter, los pantalones, los jeans, la falda, los zapatos, las botas, calcetines, paraguas, el abrigo, el vestido) Infinitives of verbs (so far, ar verbs)
 Students will be able to use the future tense in simple sentences. Students will be able to give several important details about Spain.
 Students will tell what they will wear to various functions using the future tense (partner activity). Students will play chirades and guess with the future tense what their classmates will do. Students will practice writing sentences on dry erase boards in the future tense. Students will complete activity 7 on page 140 after the first one is modeled as a class.
 Overhead Flashcards Worksheets Dry erase boards Textbook
 Warm up: Students will copy down vocabulary from the overhead and write a sentence about what they are wearing. Students will pronounce vocabulary words and tell what the verb is in their warm up sentence. Write in on the board and explain that in this state, it is an infinitive.
 I will begin by modeling what I am wearing in the beginning of the overhead. After writing infinitive on the board and having a few students share warm-ups, students will brainstorm other infinitives and we will list them on the board. Then students will do a partner activity where they tell each other what they would wear to several events.
 Pair activity and share back. Whole class chirrades with words on board. Dry erase practice.
 Printed notes for 2 students. A variety of methods and materials. Day of the Dead worksheet for native speakers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment of students' oral and written performance, homework is also graded, as are spirals.
 Last 2 minutes, closure question in the future for spirals.
Teacher Reflections:

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