Lesson Plan : How's it going conversation?

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Johnson
 Grade 5
 World Languages

 Practicing conversation or small talk. Exercises in the past tense using a story and exercises. Continued practice of our conversation How's it going and writing sentences using the Dolch Words. 4. Continue building and working on our conversation HOW'S IT GOING. 5.Read a story and answer all questions
 Handout Hows it going,Past Tense story OUR DAY IN THE PARK,handouts to ask the children past tense questions. 50 Dolch Words and write sentences using these words Eight questions used in our conversation for small talk. Learning small talk with the use of the present,past, and future. Reading a story for understanding.
 1. To be able to have a conversation in English for small talk. 2. To read a story in the past tense and answer all questions in full sentences 3.To use hand out material to walk around the room and ask the other students questions about their past using the present in the sentence. 3. To broaden the vocabulary of the children by continuing to have them practice the Sight Words. 4. To be able to have the conversation HOW'S IT GOING without the use of the board or help from the teacher by December 5. To be able to follow instructions and answer in full understandable sentences
 Watch the see if the children can change tenses easily. To see if they can follow instructions.
 Handouts, Board Work
 Today we will continue to practice our conversation How's it going. As each student comes up front a practices the other students must finish the story and answer all questions in full sentences. If you are not finished answering all the questions in full sentences and correctly by the time everyone has had their conversations you will not receive your dollar for the day. I am tired of giving you money and you talking and not making the effort to do your work correctly. It is your choice. It is not my job to buy you things. You either want to learn English or you do not and I will not reward you for not doing your jobs well. If it continues I will stop giving the money altogether as it is too costly. Today we will continue our conversations and write sentences for the Dolch words. Each pair will come to the front and practice their conversations while the others work on their sentences. Today we will continue our conversations HOW'S IT GOING and while the students practice choose a story to read and answer all the questions and do all the games and puzzles with the story. If you finish you can take a 10 minute break when everyone finishes their conversations.
 I will read the story one time and you need to underline all the words you do not understand. Look them up in a dictionary. Do you have any questions if not do not disturb me while I am listening to the conversations.
 I will listen to the children practice their conversations and when finish each group will practice the handouts. Each Pair will come to the front and have a conversation where they ask questions then switch roles.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will listen to each of the children as they speak to see if they are able to change the tenses.
 Next week we will study the weather and add to our conversation How's it going? You will be tested in December on the words on this list and the conversation. WITH NO HELP FROM THE BLACK BOARD.Mrs Lee told all of you the Harry Potter material is on the school website so I am reminding you. The story on the website is the actual movie and the 3 pages are part of the test. If you did not go to the last movie you will be required to pay 3,000 won to enter.NO EXEPTIONS
 I am very frustrated with the fact that some of the students cannot follow simple instructions and continue to make constant mistakes when they are copying out of the dictionary.
Teacher Reflections:
 I am very frustrated with Jack in the class and the fact that the school refuses to deal with problems as they come up. I could not do my lesson today as I had no internet( something I complain about constantly) and the PowerPoint was not working. Everything is such a battle I want to cry sometimes.

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