Lesson Plan : Conversation and the Past Tense

Teacher Name:
 Diann Shorter
 Grade 5
 World Languages

 Conversation-How's it going? Continued practice Making sentences with the primer Dolch words. Past Tense Board game. How's it going? Have you heard about the Weather Forecast? Grammar Story "OUR DAY AT THE PARK"
 1.conversation questions-talking in front of the class with partner 2.Past Tense Board Game 3.Dolch Words all,am,are at,ate,be,but,came did do (make sentences with words for practice) Part 2 1.Grammar story in the past tense 2.conversation small talk 3.Talking about the weather
 1.To be able to have a conversation ( small talk) with an English speaking person 2.To build vocabulary 3.Play Past Tense Board game to build vocabulary Part 2: 1.To be able to have small talk in a conversation. 2.To be able to read and comprehend a story written in the past and answer the questions in full sentences 3.To broaden the students vocabulary about the weather.
 To be able to switch from present tense to the past tense easily To be able to write and spell properly 1.To listen to the students to see if they can change from present to the past then to the future. 2.To ask them what they know about the weather vocabulary and introduce new words
 Board game,handouts,blackboard, Power Point
 Today look at the board. Using your dictionaries please use the 10 words and make complete sentence then we will practice again our small talk conversations. As each pair comes to the front to practice the others should be playing the board game. Today we will continue our conversation How's it Going?. While the pair comes to the front to practice the rest of the you will be working on the story 'OUR DAY AT THE PARK'.I have decided to stop giving the dollars at each class if you continue to talk and not finish your work correctly using full sentences. This will be your last warning. You will not get a dollar just for showing up. You must do the work to the best of your ability and ask for help if needed. If you do your work and stop talking you will be able to finish. Those who do not finish must set in the back of the class Friday and finish as we play.No excuses will be excepted.Any questions??? If you do not understand ask now.
 I will model the conversation with a volunteer to refresh your memory. I will read the story to you and you need to underline ALL WORDS YOU DO NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND. You must look in the dictionary for understanding. If you do not write complete sentences it will not be correct. There is no excuse as all answers are in the story.
 Help the children by correcting them and guiding them through the conversation. Giving them options and different ways of answering. I will guide the conversations and again I must remind you that you will be tested in December on all the Dolch words and you must be able to have the conversation How's it Going without the use of the board or my help. This will be your final test for the year.
Checking For Understanding:
 Listen to each pairs conversations for mistakes and guide them. 1. I will listen as they have their conversation How's it going? 2. I will grade the papers for the story after class and decide who gets the dollars.
 Everyone did wonderful on their conversations but I am still having a problem getting them to follow SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS on looking in a dictionary and copying a simple sentence. I have an announcement. Who did not come to the Harry Potter last time? If you come this time you must pay 3,000 won as all students are required to pay as this is a class project.
 Need to learn to follow directions better and ask questions when they do not understand.
Teacher Reflections:
 I feel the children are coming along very well and are slowly progressing.They are very bright children but they must be pushed to learn and sometimes learning is hard work.

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