Lesson Plan : Physical and Personality Traits

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Daigle
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Physical and Personality Traits
 alto/a, bajo/a, mediano/a, moreno/a, pelirojo/a, rubio/a, gordo/a, flaco/a, delgado/a, inteligente, organizado/a, importante, popular, timido/a, extravertido/a, simpatico/a, antipatico/a, amable,
 1) The students will be able to speak and write about the personality and physical traits of themselves and others.
 1) Students will learn vocabulary relating to physical and personality descriptions. 2) Students will form sentences relating to physical traits using new vocabulary. 3) Students will orally form sentences relating to personality traits with other students.
 Description Worksheet, Vocabulary Handout, Video, Vocabulary Flash Cards, Student Description Chart Worksheet
 Students will view a segment of a film in which the characters talk about their teachers and friends, describing their physical and personality traits.
 The instructor will introduce the vocabulary by using large flash cards with pictures and explain how to form a sentence in Spanish using the new adjectives.
 1) The students will complete the description worksheet where they form sentences to describe the people pictured. 2) Students will work in groups of four to discuss the personality and physical traits that each students has and complete the student description chart worksheet. 4) Each student will stand and, using the student description chart worksheet as a guide, introduce another student in Spanish and tell the class about their personality and physcial traits using the new vocabulary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Aside from the grammatical corrections that are made to the students paragraphs, they will be assessed on the introductions of their partners to the class and the usage of the new vocabulary in spoken sentences.
 The instructor will hold up the series of flash cards a second time, quizzing the class as a whole on the vocabulary.
 The instructor will know if this lesson went well by reading the students' homework and assessing whether or not they are understanding how to place adjectives in a descriptive sentence.
Teacher Reflections:

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