Lesson Plan : What Are You Doing?

Teacher Name:
 Grade 5
 World Languages

 What are you doing? Present Progressive
 Be able to state what the people are doing in the pictures and put in a complete sentence What are you doing?What is he doing? What are they doing? eating breakfast ,Playing guitar,drinking juice,writing a letter,singing a song,reading a book,drawing a picture,dancing,drinking,watching TV. Continue practice of conversation What are your plans for the weekend? and What did you do today and yesterday?
 To be able to write and speak in the present progressive. To learn new vocabulary To recognize the difference between simple present and present progressive.
 To be able to change from one tense to the other To use in their conversations with their friends and classmates to explain what they are telling them in every tense.
 Handouts and PowerPoint, copies for all students of all materials to help with other classes.
 Today we will continue our use of the present progressive that you are writing in My. Songs class. Because of the wasted time talking about the rules we will have to practice our conversations next Wednesday. We will reinforce(which means to practice make easier) his lessons by watching the presentation and repeating. First though I want everyone to get out your conversation papers so we can practice.
 Asked the students what was happening in the pictures to see if they understood the present progressive. I will demonstrate by having them ask me the questions in the conversation and listening to my answers.
 Practiced in pairs by asking what the person in the picture was doing? Each student in the pair had a blank box and needed to ask the other student what they were doing and be able to write it in the empty box
 As a warm up, ask one of the students to come up to the front of the class. Show the student a flashcard with one of the action verbs, and ask them to mime the card. Then ask the other students what he/she is doing. Have a few different students come up and try different verbs. You don�t have to correct them much at this point. The idea is just to get them thinking about the present progressive form.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walked around the room to check their work and ask them to explain what they wrote down
 I feel they understand the present progressive but there are still many spelling errors
 Students will take a three part exam and quiz. We will take this over six days for ten minutes at a time. I would like to hit all learning styles with this quiz.
Teacher Reflections:
 Will finish up the present progressive next week in Mr Songs class.

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