Lesson Plan : Communication w/ Hearing Impaired

Teacher Name:
 Cheryl Franks
 Grade 11-12
 Vocational Ed.

 Criminal Justice Overview (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
 Lecture Demonstration Role Plays
 1. List 5 causes of deafness 2. Name schools that specialize in teaching deaf students 3. List 3 general considerations that will help officers better communicate with deaf citizens 4. List 2 points to remember when using professional interpreters 5. In sign lanbuage, demonstrated clearly, 5 important signs a police officer should know when confronted with situations involving deaf citizens 6. Identify types of hearing loss 7. Identify hearing aids and assistive devices 8. Identify legal issues
 Handouts worksheets Unfair hearing test hearing aids and assistive devices Sign Language tape Guest speakers (deaf and hard of hearing) Overhead projector Tape Player DVD The Joy of signing The Signed English Starter Basic Sign Language
 Introduce self in Sign Language Give personal history Educational Background Rules of the class Present objectives on over head and go over
 Discussion: 1.Deaf Population in U.S.: Appproximately 14 million deaf or hard of hearing impaiared 2. School in U.S. 3. Causes of deafness Blockage of the ear canal Blockage of Eustacian Tube Damage to ear drum Hereditary Maternal Rubella Aging Accidents Excessive Noise 4. Types of hard hearing loss conductive sensori-neural 5. General considerations: Get the deaf persons attention before speaking Speak clearly and at a normal pace and sound level Look directly at personwhen you speak Use pen and paper when necessary Ensure UNDERSTANDING ask them to repeat Maintain eye contact 6. Levels of Education - explain most deaf people have a hard time with english due to lack of it in upbringing 7. Interpreters Look at deaf person not interpreters Interpreters translate what ever is said so be careful They are unbiased 8. Point of extreme interest: ALWAYS REMEMBER OFFICER SAFETY a. Don't hesitate to handcuff deaf suspect but inform them communication will now stop and continue later and his hands will be free to communicate b. Deaqf people can hurt or kill you just like any other person
 Demonstrate signs valuable to officers in crisis situations: explain how one sign can calm down a person
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Review objectives --- ask if class has any questions 2. Explain the probability of police - deaf citizens contacts 3. Explain deaf people have same constitutional reights 4. Patience is a must when dealing in these situations where communication is difficult
 Conclude the lesson with video
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