Lesson Plan : Native American Wonders

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Moskowitz
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Native American Culture
 Native American Tribes
  To introduce children to the culture of a variety of Native American tribes through literature and related activities
 The students will be able to: 1. Know that there are many tribes of Native Americans and that they differ from each other 2. Understand Indian legends and why they were important 3. Experience the arts and crafts of some Native American tribes 4. Know why plants and animals were important to Native Americans and be able to identify some of the common ones.
 Computer for each student with access to the Internet.
 Introduce the unit with a map of the U.S. and tell briefly about the major groups of Native Americans. Talk about the idea of Indian names often reflecting a characteristic of the person, such as Running Deer, Black Hawk, Boy who Hunts Buffalo, etc. Have each student think of a name for himself that would reflect something about him.
 After the introduction the students will be asked to each download a copy of the "Native American Wonders" scavanger hunt. The students will go through each question, explore each link, and answer each question.
 To guide the students, the instructor will go to each student individually to help the students find any missing informaton, and discuss teh imprtance of the given information.
 Students that lack the ability or the knowledege to complete the scavanger hunt will be paired with a "class helper" that will aid the student in the computer navigation.
Checking For Understanding:
 Understanding will be assessed by the both the results of the guided practice and the completion of the knowledge chart. the instructor will review the information submitted by each student.
 Before the class ends the instructor will engage the class in a short discussion in which the students will be asked to offer to tell the class any new learned information. The instuctor will then remind the class that there are aspects of Native American society everywhere and show how it influences their everyday life (baseball teams, southwest design, language, food, games, sports, clothing, blankets, fashion and even and the outcomes of wars.) The students will then be challanged to research one of these Native American aspects and find how it ties into everyday life and write a one paragraph reflecting the findings.
 Based on the research tie assignment given in the closure, the instructor will then evaluate the success of the Native American Wonders scavanger hunt and lesson. In a successful lesson the student will be able to navigate the internet to research the chosen Native tie, and demonstrate understanding of the link between culture aspects.
Teacher Reflections:

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