Lesson Plan : Reconstruction/Primary Source#1

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Syvertsen
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Reconstruction Post Civil War
 Social Studies/ELA Vocabulary: Reconstruction, Political Cartoon, Symbols
 Aim: 1.)To discuss the Reconstruction, or the Rebuilding of the Union after the Civil War. 2.)To analyze a political cartoon from this period in history.
 -Students will listen to a brief overview of the Reconstruction period. -Students will be expected to write down any information they feel is important in their Social Studies notebooks (practicing for the ELA exam). -Students will be expected to analyze Political Cartoon #1 aloud in a whole class setting with the guidance of the teacher. -Students will then be expected to work independently to answer constructed response questions pertaining to the Political Cartoon and the Reconstruction Era.
 Teacher: Brief overview of the Reconstruction Era, chart paper. Students: Social Studies Notebooks,Political Cartoon #1: "Lincoln Rebuilds the Union", Constructed Response Questions
 First, I will read aloud the overview of the Reconstruction era to the class two times (following the format for the ELA exam. Next,I will instruct the students to take notes about what is read aloud. Then, I will review the information that the students recorded in their notebooks together on chart paper. - I will discuss the purpose of a political cartoon with the class and provide them with steps that they should follow in order to be successful in analyzing and interpreting a political cartoon. -I will then distribute copies of Political Cartoon #1 to the students.I will then review the political cartoon with the class as a whole group. Students will be actively participating in interpreting the political cartoon by answering guided questions from myself and by using their cartoon.
 1.)For some students I will provide a written copy of the listening selection for them to re-read for information before the class notes are reviewed. 2.) When it comes time to work independently I will have partner writers working together to help students who need further help in answering constructed responses.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will partner read each others work during the next Social Studies period. Their written responses will be checked for clarity and content by at least two other students (partner check-outs) before I sit with the student for a final check.
 I am expecting that students will continue to work on analyzing and interpreting primary and secondary sources while learning the eighth grade Social Studies curriculum. I am also expecting that the students are working on their written responses and are transferring habits and behaviors back and forth between the ELA and the Social Studies classroom.
Teacher Reflections:

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