Lesson Plan : Getting to Know Your School

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Slattery
 Grade 1
 Social Studies

 Students will become familiar with the different areas of the school. (EDITED)
 Geography Content Standards: World in Spatial Terms Key vocabulary words: maps, models, class, school.
 Students will be able to read and make geographic representations (i.e., maps, globes, graphs, charts, models) to locate and describe locations, distances, and directions and scale.
 Students will create a model of their school, classroom, cafeteria, library and computer lab. Students will further create a life size map of the school.
 blocks, legos, paper and crayons, scissors, tape, and playdough
 Students will take their 3rd tour around the school specifically looking at the cafeteria, Library, computer lab and classroom observing the details in each room.
 Students will be shown a classroom map from a book and a school fire evacuation plan map of the school.
 Students will have opportunies to draw the models on white boards before beginning actual activity.
 Students with special needs will work on the cardboard boxes, use legos, work with playdough, work on mural.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Students should be able to name their mode: i.e. a classroom, cafeteria, Library or computerlab. 2. Students should be able to use appropriate locational terms as they identify the location of rooms in relation to one another. 3 Students should recognize that the individual room models create a model of their school.
 Students will share their models as we do a "walking the perimeter" activity. Students will display their creations at dismissal time for parents to view.
 1. Students are discussing with each other the contents of the room they are mapping i.e. chairs go here, windows are above here etc. 2. All students are working on the map not just a few.
Teacher Reflections:
 Were the students able to follow directions after observations around the school. Did the children need more time for this activity? What could I change to make this lesson more effective? What motivated the students to complete this project?

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