Lesson Plan : Islamic History

Teacher Name:
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Islamic History
 People, Places and Events in the History of Islam in America
 The student will gain information that is uncommon and relate it to hte time line of events in the history of North American social development. The student will be able to retain information about the development of Islam in North America.
 The student will integrate learning of the information with the standardized objectives of schools they attend.
 The traveling Museum will provide aids for the student to observe such as artifacts, pictures, and powerpoint presentation.
 What is the student impression of the photo? Students should be grouped into four groups and each group should select a different photograph. Observe pictures and create discriptive essay to elaborate on event or person in the picture.
 The group should compare information in their essay and join the facts, critique observations, and edit information that does not fit the profile of the picture. The group should then produce a well researched single piece of work that discribes the piece adequately.
 The work may be entered in the school paper, bulletin boards or read in competitive events.
 There may be associated articles of explanation to accompany the information; for example if the story is about the capture of Kunta Kente there may be a map or a drum that will assist in the accommodation of special needs students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students may be quizzed or tested on the material at the completion of the lesson period.
 The student should evaluate themselves as a peer group in order for the teacher to know if they are effective.
 The teacher should create journalized reports in order to note any improvements or problems with the lesson plan.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher should reflect on the response of the students and note whether they have any recommendations to improve the learning process.

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