Lesson Plan : Cave Painting

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Steven Vardian
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Prehistory: Cave Painting (EDITED)
 Prehistory Cave Painting Archeologists Lascaux, France Altamira, Spain
 Student will be able to understand the concept of cave painting. Student will be able to understand the purpose of cave painting. Students will be able to understand the meaning of cave paintings. Student will be able to understand why early man painted on caves and why they painted certain objects
 Given the resources and information about prehistoric cave painting, students will make their own cave paintings, using the correct materials and consistency of paint.
 Lap-top Computers Computer Projector Brown paper bags Paint Paint brushes Web sites on cave paintings
 Explore the Lascaux cave via the internet. I will project the web site on the screen while students will access the same web site with the lap tops. We will observe actual cave paintings and analyze them and their meaning.
 After we have explored the caves and analyzed actual cave paintings I will instruct student to access a web site containing pictures of prehistoric animals that early man painted. The students will print these pictures in order to have access to them while they work.
 I will demonstrate a mini-lesson on how early man made the paint for their creations. This mini-lesson will consist of gathering dirt, adding water and mixing until the consistency of paint is correct. I will then model a painting that I created using the dirt.
 Students who are having difficulty with understanding can work with a partner or the teacher will assist.
Checking For Understanding:
 Once students have successfully sketched their animal I will Instruct students to start adding paint to it. Prompting them to add contrasting colors and background for authenticity. During this time I will monitor the classroom to observe and make sure students are following directions.
 At the end of the lesson I will review the importance of cave painting and ask student why painting (early man's only way of communication) was important and how it eventually led to more civilized means of commmunication and writing.
 I will instruct students to write on the back of their cave painting the significance of their animal and how it contributed to Prehistoric civilization. The project will be assessed by the successful completion of their cave painting and their responses.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students find this lesson motivational? Were students able to gain a better understanding of prehistoric times? What will I change for the next class? What worked for the students?

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