Lesson Plan : The French in North America

Teacher Name:
 Sarah Pichler
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Early French explorers and their influences on the development of North America
 Describing events, Explaining the effects of the French, and being able to analyze the result of the events which helped create relationships with Native people.
 Students will gain a better knowledge of the effects the French explorers had on the development of North America, and especially their effect on Minnesota.
 1)Students will describe French exploration and settlement in North America. 2) Students will explain how fur trading became a source of wealth for France. 3) Students will analyze French relations with Native Americans. 4) Upon completing role playing, students will exhibit their knowledge of the fur trading cycle by correctly labeling a blank cycle worksheet with the correct words or phrases. 5) Students will complete a worksheet answering questions about famous French explorers, through open ended questions.
 Text Book, Pen or pencil, Trading goods:Corn, String, Cloth, Beaver "pelt". Pictures of clothing which was made from animal fur(which would have been worn during this time period), Map of French Lands in North America, 1750. Role playing information cards, notebook/paper and worksheets.
 First I will introuduce the lesson by summerizing the information that was assigned in the text. I will divert alittle by using information found on the effect of the Fur Trading industry in Minnesota. After completing this I will then introduce the cycle of the Fur Traders, and the activity.
 I will assign students to three groups of about eight students each. Once into groups students will read their role play card and answer the questions which are located at each station. Also at each station there will be different examples of items which were traded between the French Explorers and the Native Americans.
 Students will spend time at each station answering the questions in their groups. After about 5-7 minutes at each station students will return to their seats. Once back in their desks we will discuss the answers which were given, and introduce the worksheets.
 Students who are sight-impared: will have all reading and worksheets provided in braile. Students who are hearing impared: will be given the instructions clearly written out prior to the lesson, along with a interpreter provided for the student. Students who are in wheel chairs: will have the room and desks properly spaced out to maximize the students ability to move around the classroom.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will assess the students by the worksheets for independent performance and group questions for practical application.
 I will close with answering any questions the class may have. And reiterate the main ideas which were covered in the exercise.
 I will measure the progress of the class through performance in groups, and individually on worksheets. If they are able to correctly answer 7 out of 10 questions I will believe they are progressing successfully.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will reflect on the success of this activity by the responses over heard in class. I will listen to the suggestions offered by Mr. Ward, and make adjustments in the future so that the activity addresses the information intended to be taught. If the students acurately complete their worksheets, I believe this will also reflect the success of my teaching.

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