Lesson Plan : The Civil War

Teacher Name:
 Valentina Franco
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 The reasons that contributed to the start of the Civil War can be seen as a result of a build-up of tension rather than a single event.
 The students will be able to recognize and indicate the reasons that started the conflict. They will learn about the events that caused the build-up of ill feelings betweeen the North and the South.
 The students will describe the events that lead to the Civil War, being able to identify at least three of the six events covered.On a geographical map, the students will be able to recognize and name the Confederate States.
 History book,United States map, overhead transparencies depicting the geography of the U.S. during tha antebellum era, pictures of John Brown, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Abraham Lincoln.
 The lesson will begin with a review of the cultural and physical landscape of the U.S. during the antebellum era, i.e., slave states and non-slave states, the importance of cotton and slave labor to the economic prosperity of the South, and the strong abolitionist feelins stirring in the North.
 The instructor will describe the Dred Scott decision, the raid on Harper's Ferry, the election of Abraham Lincoln, the states' secession from the union, and the attack on Fort Sumter. The instructor will emphasazie that these events were causing a build-up of ill feelings between the North and the South.
 On the U.S. map, each student will name a state from the South and a state from the North, expressing one reason why they were enemies.
 ELL will have the possibility to learn about the Civil War looking at the U.S. map and listening and partecipating in the practice of the name of the states and the war reasons.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will give the class a written test in which the students will be asked to describe three of the six events that sparked the Civil War and the impact each event had on the North and the South.
 Each student will give a reason why, if he or she had the chance to participate in the Civil War, would stand by the South or the North.
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