Lesson Plan : Civil War - North vs. South

Teacher Name:
 Miss Lepore
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 The Civil War as viewed through primary sources.
 The Emancipation Proclamation, The Gettysburg Address, letters, songs, and pictures by Matthew Brady will be examined and a journal will be created.
 To help students recognize the significance of The Civil War through the use of primary sources. I. Students will interpret information in their own words. II. Comprehend and interpret different mediums. III. React to content and language of texts. IV. Evaluate issues and information using evaluative criteria.
 Students will apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate primary sources. Students will use a variety of information resources in order to synthesize their understanding of primary sources. In addition, students will apply their knowledge of language structure through the use of writing by creating a primary source journal. Finally , students will present this finding clearly and concisely to classmates in an oral presentation.
 Diaries, photographs, songs, computers-online capability, overhead projectors, maps, letters, documents, and KWL chart. American Civil War Homepage - http://www.sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/warweb.html Civil War Homepage - http://www.civil-war.net
 Students are to examine primary resources to study personalities and issues involved in the war. Reference to stations will be mentioned. A brief KWL review will begin lesson.
 Each student will view a copy of at least two primary sources. Stations will be set up in the classroom using overhead projectors, computer websites, and copied materials. A quick tour of the room will be given to introduce each station and each primary source location.
 Students will take notes using their Social Studies notebooks. Notes will include: identifying documents, summarizing contents of each primary source, and noting time period and location. An understanding of the primary sources must be demonstrated in notes. Each student will view at least one photograph (preferably by Matthew Brady) and one other source.
 Documents of ranging degrees of difficulty will be made available. Students with identified problems will be assigned a buddy.
Checking For Understanding:
 A written journal of each students' findings showing an understanding of the personalities and issues involved will be posted online by each student. Assessment will be made from this assignment. A rubric will be passed out and reviewed showing student expectations for content, punctuation, grammar, spelling, knowledge, following guidelines, and grading.
 These postings will be viewed and shared in a classroom forum. Comments and evaluation forms will be given to each child and filled out at the end of each presentation. The KWL lesson will be completed and summarized.
 Using a rubric, student evaluation forms, and teacher notes, a grade will be given of 1-4, 4 being an A. A comment section will be provided and commendations and notations can be made in this section.
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