Lesson Plan : A Time of Crisis: The Black Death

Teacher Name:
 Ryan Mitchell
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The Black Death and Hundred Years' War in Europe.
 Black Death Epidemic Inflation Schism Joan of Arc Hundred Years' War
 Goal 6: The learner will investigate social and economic organization in various societies throughout time in order to understand the shifts in power and status that have occured. Goal 8: The learner will assess the influence of ideals, values, beliefs, and traditions on global events and issues.
 TLW define key terms. TLW create a graphic organizer to illustrate the causes and effects of the Black Death (Plague). TLW write a letter describing the chaos that occured during the time of crisis. TLW evaluate the causes and effects of the Hundred Years' War.
 Smart Board Power Point Paper Pencil/Pen Work Sheets World History Book
 I will ask students to write down at least two words they think of when they hear the phrase "Black Death/Plague." Students will be able to share their answers with the class. Afterwards, we will read the History Interactive Passage which gives students a introduction on the Black Death. Tells what it is, how it spread, and a brief glimpse of the chaos it brought about.
 Students will take notes using power point slides. Students will watch a brief (15 min) video on the Black Death and answer questions that go along with the video.
 Students will use the smart board to fill in the graphic organizer on the causes and effects of the Black Death. Students will pretend they are living during the time of crisis. They will write a letter to a friend who lives in another country describing what they plague is, how it spread, and what type of chaos it is causing in Europe. Students can pretend they have the disease and describe the symptoms they are facing.
 I will work independently with students who have modifications during the independent practice assignments.
Checking For Understanding:
 Class discussion: students will direct questions to their classmates. Then I will ask questions to the class. Students will review/discuss main events, terms, and people.
 Students will take a short 10 question quiz. Afterwards, students will have to complete an exit ticket. The ticket must include at least one thing they learned about the Black Death and one thing they learned about the Hundred Years' War which must be turned in before leaving the class.
 The quiz will be used as a measure of assessment.
Teacher Reflections:
 After grading the video questions, biography questions, and quiz I will use the questions they missed as a mini lesson for the next day.

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