Lesson Plan : Helping Others

Teacher Name:
 Christina Gomba
 Social Studies

 Families and Communities
 Having families and the community work together to fulfill basic needs.
 To have the students identify ways to work together to meet basic needs.
 TLW discuss ways their families and communities can work together to meet basic needs. TLW write a sentence to describe how they can help their families.
 BrainPOP.com tumblebooks.com
 We will begin by reading the story: Corduroy Helps Out.
 We will first talk about different ways that we can help in the community and with our families. We will create a map on the board to go over these different ways.
 We will write the following sentence: I can _______ to help the Earth. And we will write down possible things we can do to help the world.
 Some students will need half of their sentence already started for them, and they will need to end the sentence. Other students may write a sentence about what they can do for their family, and then what they can do for their community.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will observe as they are writing in their journals. Also, their final product will be a good indication of whether they can share what families can do and communities can do to meet basic needs.
 On the carpet, the students will have the opportunity to share their sentences with the class.
 Some students may illustrate the various ways to help out in the community and with their families. We could also have a class discussion on this topic.
Teacher Reflections:
 The story was very motivating, since it was a pop-up book. Next time, I would make the independent practice more motivating.

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