Lesson Plan : Do you know Native Americans?

Teacher Name:
 Heather Ayers
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 The students will be discussing Native American stereotypes and what they think of when they hear the word "Native American".
 Stereotype, Native Americans, Cherokee, Algonquian
 After this activity students will understand the stereotypes placed on Native American peoples and they will be ready to research Native Americans past and present.
 Students will be able to list at least two stereotypes concerning Native Americans.
 Costume supplies, visuals of Native Americans, multiple childrens books that depict the stereotypical Native American-- North American Indians by Douglas Gorsline Native American Tales and Legends by Allan A. Macfarlan The Very First Americans by Cara Ashrose D Is for Drum: A Native American Alphabet by Michael Shoulders, Debbie Shoulders, and Irving Toddy
 Gather the students and tell them that you're going to have them be actors! Provide the tub of costume materials and ask them to dress like Native Americans. Most of the students will put feathers in their hair, they'll want war paint, and they'll wrap their clothes to mimic the traditional garb of historical Native Americans.
 Once the students have dressed in their costume, ask them to walk, talk and behave like a Native American. Once again, the students will most likely cross their arms and march around, or possibly wave their hand over their mouth in a war cry. Once they've shown you what a Native American looks and sounds like, ask them this question, "What do Native Americans look like today? Have you seen someone walking around in doeskin pants with a full head dress?" Pass out the childrens literature books. Our students think that Native American still look like their traditional ancestors because this is the way the media and literature portrays the Native American peoples. Explain the word "stereotype" to the students. Give them examples of stereotypes.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students have at least 2 stereotypes regarding Native Americans.
 Tell the students that in the next three weeks they'll begin a project wherein they will research an assigned group of Native Americans that they will be reporting on at the end of the three weeks.
 Simple rubric based on the number of stereotypes and their content.
Teacher Reflections:

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