Lesson Plan : It's a Small World After All

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 Ms. Parks
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Students will be inspired to find out more information about their culture and how it impacts North Carolina after listening to "It's a small world after all."
 - Culture -
 I want students to be able to find out more information about their individual cultures, be able to locate them on the map, research the cultures and present them in front of the class. I also want them to be able to connect their cultures to the Moravian culture.
 Social Studies-2.02 Trace the growth and development of immigration to North Carolina, over time from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. 2.03 Describe the similarities and differences among people of North Carolina, past and present. 2.04 Describe how different ethnic groups have influenced culture, customs and history of North Carolina. Language Arts-3.06 Conduct research for assigned projects or self-selected projects (with assistance) from a variety of sources through the use of technological and informal tools (e.g., print and non-print texts, artifacts, people, libraries, databases, computer networks). 4.03 Make oral and written presentations using visual aids with an awareness of purpose and audience. 4.10 Use technology as a tool to gather, organize, and present information.5.09 Create readable documents through legible handwriting (cursive) and/or word processing. Music- 1.09 Sing music representing diverse styles, genres, and cultures. 1.10 Show respect for the singing efforts of others. technology- 3.06 Use word processing as a tool for writing, editing, and publishing paragraphs, stories, and assignments. 3.07 Locate, select, organize, and present content area information from the Internet for a specific purpose and audience, citing sources. Behavioral objectives- The student will be able to identify the different cultures that their family has come from. The student will be able to locate on the map where their family has come from. Students will be able to research the culture their family is from on the internet. Students will be able to write a short paper about where there family is from. Students will be able to present where their family is from to the class.
 It's a small world lyrics, newsletter to parents, Internet, permithian board
 I am going to introduce this lesson playing "It's a Small World After All." I am going to ask students to analyze the lyrics and ask them what it conveys to them.
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