Lesson Plan : Holocaust Acrostic Poem

Teacher Name:
 Jackie Taylor
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 This is a summative assignment that takes place at the end of the Holocaust unit. They will use information they have learned about the Holocaust to create an acrostic poem.
 For the students to gain a deeper understanding of what the Holocaust was, who was involved, why it occured and the important events that took place before, during and after.
 The learner will demonstrate integration of the Holocaust by summarizing information they have discovered during the unit and reconstruct it into an acrostic poem. The learner will demonstrate generation of the Holocaust by designing a background for the poem that pertains to the Holocaust.
 paper, pencil, background paper (large construction), notes, books, text, websites, computer lab (optional)
 Read poem Der Handschah by Friedrich Shiller to the class (English version)while showing the German version on the smart board. Have brief class discussion on what the poem is referring to and how it makes them feel.
 I will model an acrostic poem to the students to review the writing style that they have already covered in Language Arts. We will review old student poems as reference examples.
 Students will begin brain storming ideas to include in poem and make lists. Share/ compare ideas with partners.
 EC students will be able to have 1-2 word lines for the poem as long as the words are related to the Holocaust and flow in some order. They will be given a list of possible words to choose from for their poems. AIG students will have to have a certain amount of words per line, specific details and the poem will have to flow from start to finish as one complete story.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will use rubric to grade. Students will receive rubric score with written note from teacher. Students will also take part in mini peer edit/ help sessions.
 This lesson will take about 3 days from start to finish. Students can share poems with the class and have positive peer reflections.
 Students will be evaluated using the rubric. It will help determine if the students have a clear understanding of basic concepts of the Holocaust. The poem and the background will have to directly link to correct information regarding the Holocaust.
Teacher Reflections:

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