Lesson Plan : Cooperative Learning in Biology

Teacher Name:
 Mr Brown
 Grade 7-8

 Flowering Plants
 Seed Dispersal
 At the end of this cooperative lesson, the students should be able to compare and contrast between the different types of seed dispersal that they have came across and to justify their answer.
 The students should be able to: 1.List down the different types of fruits/seeds that they were given. 2.Make clear distinction among the different fruits/seeds that they were provided in terms of color,shape. 3.To categorize the fruits/seeds according to their mode of dispersal. 4.Justify their answer. 5.Enhance their communication skills, social skills
 The students will be provided with different kinds of fruits and seeds. materials which will be given include: 1) Coconuts 2) Tomatoes 3) Psidium cattleianum(Chinese guava) 4) Bean pods with seeds 5) Coltís foot seed 6) Beggar Ticks
 After completing the chapter on seed dispersal the week before, the students of a mixed ability class were given a small practical activity that will enable them to grasp whatever they have learnt in previous classes.
 Before proceeding with the practical activity, the students were given a small briefing about what they have learnt in the previous classes so as to ensure that they have not forgotten their previous lesson.
 The students will be provided with all the necessary instruction in the form of a sheet.
 Since the teacher will be dealing with a mixed ability class, he will therefore assigned different task to each student who will be working in the different groups.For e.g the low ability student will be the material person, the average one will be the checker and the high flyer will be the group leader.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the cooperative lesson, the teacher will assess his students in the form of formative assessment to see whether the students are doing the right thing. The formative assessment will be in the form of oral questioning and the students will be given marks individually.
 To wrap up the lesson, all students that is the five groups will have to submit their work in the prescribed time at the end of the period.
 The teacher will evaluate the performance of the students by correcting their scripts and he will also give feedbacks.
Teacher Reflections:
 At the end of the class, the teacher will be able to reflect upon his own performance. Whether everything went on as expected or whether he has to improve.

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