Lesson Plan : Genealogy

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Malcom
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Exploring Family History
 Genealogy Ancestors Family Tree Family History Generation Time Line Records http://www.byub.org/ancestors/teachersguide/
 http://www.byub.org/ancestors/teachersguide/ To make students aware of changing family demographics. To make students aware of ancestor links. To create an "All About Me" informational handbook. Students first will create a timeline of their life. Students then will create a list of questions to have an oral interview with a family member to be shared in class. Students will create a Pedigree Chart or family tree. Students will find where their ancestors came from, or where they immigrated from. Explore their country and create a poster about that country.
 I will use technology in the classroom by letting each student use their computer to research their families online. Also the students will be able to watch a downloaded video each week on ancestry. Each week, the students will then complete an activity to share with the class about their families and themselves. I believe that the students will enjoy this project because most people enjoy talking about themselves. This will be a way to learn about their history and why it is important.
 http://www.byub.org/ancestors/teachersguide/ Videos Posters for family trees Time lines
 Explain that each person in history is important including each student in the room. Show why learning about family history is important and that is can be fun to know where you came from.
 Create my own family tree to show how my family came to the United States and all about me.
Checking For Understanding:
 Create a "mini-biography". Take all the information learned in the nine week period and write down the important information about your life. This can include information about family members, yourself, and places your family has lived. The student may include photos, family recipes, or mementos of themselves or family members.
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