Lesson Plan : America - A Growing Power

Teacher Name:
 M. Nichols
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 The United States became a world power in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
 US declares war on Spain because they thought they were to blame for the explosion in Cuba for the battleship, "Maine." After a short Spanish-American war, the US gained control of Puerto Rice, Guam, Cuba, and the Philippines. The start of the first World War, and who were the allied, central, and neutral powers.
 Identify the cause and effects of the explosion of Maine, and what effects these had on the US becoming a world power.
 TLW identify and explain 2 causes and effects of the explosion of the battleship Maine in Cuba by creating a flow map.
 world map, SS text book, pencil, flow map template (to display on smart board)
 Ask students if they view the US as a powerful country and why/why not? Students will give responses, then I will ask if they think that we have always been a powerful country.
 I will explain to students that the US was not always a powerful country, and we had to "work our way up the latter" (I will explain this idiom).
 Students will partner read Lesson 4 in their SS textbooks on this topic of the US growing as a world power.
 ESL student - have a flow map template ready for her. She would just have to find the cause of the Spanish-American war and write that in her flow map. Low group - Allow students to work in pairs to complete the flow map. High group/extension- Have students write a summary of the causes and effects using 5 transition words in their paragraph.
Checking For Understanding:
 Monitor students will partner reading to make sure they are understanding the material as they are reading. I will clarify for those that are having difficulty. I will closely monitor my low reading group students for their comprehension.
 I will take up their flow maps, then we will review ALL of the possible causes and effects. Students will have immediate feedback from their assignment because they will remember what they put as their examples and then also know if they were correct or incorrect.
 I will assess student performance of the cause and effect flow maps by using a previously made rubric. Students will either fall under non-mastery, partial mastery, or mastery.
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