Lesson Plan : Where am I now?

Teacher Name:
 Stephanie Parke
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 In this lesson Students will acquire a knowledge of the basic elements of Latitude and Longitude and how to find where they are on the map.
 Students will be introduced to key concepts dealing with Latitude and Longitude including understanding of vocabulary words such as Prime Meridian and Equator.
 Kids will address the geography content standard. Kids will use knowledge of geographic locations, patterns and processes to show the interrelationship between the physical environment and human a ctibity, and to explain the interactions that occur in an increasinglyu interdependent world. Kids will address Benchmark A which encompasses the use of map elements or coordinates to locate physical and human features of north america. Kids will also address fifth grade indicator L1 which addresses the use of coordinates of Latitude and Longitude to determine the absolute location of points in North America.
 Kids will use inflatable globes to locate locations on the earth that they have visited or want to visit to gain a better understanding of Latitiude, Longitude, Prime Meridian and the Equator on the earths surface.
 Soccer ball Yarn for wrapping soccer ball at lines of Latitude and Longitude Inflatable globes Student text books with world maps in the appendix Latitude and Longitude fact worksheets Latitude and Longitude quiz worksheet
 I will begin this lesson by showing the class a soccer ball wrapped with two different colored strings along lines of Latitude and Longitude. I will preassess the students understanding of these concepts by discussing key terms and ideas of Latitude and Longitude.I will distribute a Latitude and Longitude worksheet for student use. I will discuss the ideas of Latitude,Longitude, prime meridian and equator with the class by discussing places they have visited or would like to visit.
 I will further develop the ideas in this lesson plan by dividing the students into groups of four and distributing inflatable globes so that we can locate the previously discussed locations on the globe that students would like to visit.
 Students will obtain practice with these concepts by using the Latitude and Longitude worksheets distributed at the beginning of the lesson and the map located in the appendix of their social studies book to answer the questions on the Latitude and Longitude quiz I will distribute after the whole class discussion.
 Kids will be allowed to work on the Latitude and Longitude quiz in their groups to assure that students are able to locate map locations and answer questions.I will also be circling the room to answer questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 We will discuss answers to the Latitude and Longitude quiz as a whole class answering any questions and reinforcing lesson ideas.
 Students will finish the quiz and and will demonstrate knowledge of the lesson concepts with participation in class discussion.
 I will evaluate student knowledge of lesson concepts by monitoring and assessing student participation in groups and class discussion. I will evaluate student knowledge by assessing difficulty or ease with which students completed the Latitude and Longitude quiz.
Teacher Reflections:

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