Lesson Plan : New Spain to America- Settlement

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Crowder
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Comparing practices and products of people from New Spain to America. Compare the cultural practices of religion, food, and shelter.
 Catholisim, Christinaity, architecture, plantations, presidio, mission, hacienda
 For students to compare practices and products of people from New Spain to America. Students are to also be able to compare cultural practices of religion, food, and shelter.
 Benchmark A: Compare cultural practices and products of diverse groups in North America including (Indicator) 2. Religion, 4. Food, and 6. Shelter.
 Social Studies textbook page 167-172, images of mission, hacienda, presidio, drawing paper, colored pencils
 Students are asked to turn to the back of their Social Studies textbook and located the New Spain area. They each wrote an exist slip-like piece the prior class period that told what they knew about New Spain colonizing North America. No students were able to hit on any valid information so this lesson will be very in depth in order to give necessary background information, purpose, and details.
 Students are asked to read aloud (voluntarily only) pages 167-172 in the Social Studies textbook. After particular paragraphs stop and ask questions, point out things, or rephrase information according to the posted notes in the Teacher Edition. Please stress the importance of the key reason for coming to America was to spread Chrisitanity religion. Food consisted of the items produced from the sugar plantations via low paid Indian workers.
 To do page 26 in Social Studies folder packet independently. Then the worksheet will be discussed as a class whole. Answers provided in attached sheet.
 Per the worksheet, please spell out the correct answers or write them on the board for Bill and Henry. TAG students, Sue, Matt, Tony are to sit at the learning center and research a topic they have already agreed and been provided with. Bill and Henry will also need help with writing a sentence for their building.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check to see if students understand the unusualness of their particular building. Have volunteers share their work and their reasoning of it's importance. The next lesson will introduce additional practice for what is expected of the students per the objective.
 Continue next lesson plan of items if time left. If not, continue the following day.
Teacher Reflections:
 I believe that a trade book should have been used to introduce this lesson. I also do not think the reading aloud as a whole is a valid learning experience for most of the students. The worksheet didn't really give students any practice. I feel that a Powerpoint would be a good way to show some of the food and shelter. I also think that a writing prompt would have been more valid than the drawing. I would have included much more details about this standard before closing on it.

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