Lesson Plan : North Carolina

Teacher Name:
 Barbara West
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Native Americans and their many roles in the development of North Carolina past and present
 The learner will examine the importance of the role of ethnic groups and examine the multiple roles they have played in the development of North Carolina.
 Students will identify the location and describe American Indians in North Carolina. They will also look at the linage of these tribes and sects. Students will track the growth and sophistication of immigrants from to North Carolina. They will trace their roots from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.. Students will look at the the similarities and differences among people of North Carolina. We will also make a Venn Diagram to classify past to present. Students will identify how certain ethnic groups have influenced culture, customs and history of North Carolina.
 Social Studies curriculum and workbook SmartBoard Research topics and tools
 Introduce this new topic utilizing the North Carolina Social Studies textbook and workbook
 With their shoulder buddy, students will create a KWL chart on the topic of North Carolina Native Americans. They will share with their table mates and discuss questions and information that each person would like to find out about NC Native Americans
 Read the chapter from the social studies textbook and workbook. Students will answer questions in the workbook and discuss with their "face buddy" Class discussion will review the information in student book and share what they have learned but also what they still want to know about this group of people and what they contributed to our state history.
 At risk learners will work with teacher and/or support staff to guide the completion of their independent practice.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be provided with a rubric for their research assignment. http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/rubrics/
 Each group will share their findings with classmates. Students will write in their journals and share their feelings on the role that Native Americans have played and still share in the history of North Carolina
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