Lesson Plan : 1400s Europe

Teacher Name:
 Judith Hall
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 European exploration in the late 1400's
 Europeans begin to explore the America's in the late 1400's. Most early explorers in the Americas search for new routes to Asia or for gold and other riches. As a result of their explorations, Spain, France, England and the Netherlands ahd claimed land in North America by the 1600's. Key Vocabulary: navigation, expedition, missionary, Secondary Vocabulary: compass, chronometer,astrolabe, conquistadors
 To have students understand that people did not always know about all of the land in the world. That European countries sent ships out to explore new and shorter ways to the orient, discover new palces, explore the world.
 TLW Describe the contributions of people of diverse cultures throughout the history of the United States.
 Maps, social studies book, elmo, paper, markers
 Ask students what they know about Christopher Columbus. Explain that he was just one of many European explorers who sailed to unknown palces.
 Using social studies book have students view photographs and have then offer explanations of that they think they are and what they were used for. Have students name tools that people use today that help them plan and follow travel routes. Discuss the time line. Point out that there were other explorers at this time and ask students what they know about these other explorers.
 Divide students into groups of 3 or 4. Give each group a map,paper, markers, a starting point and a destination. Have each group plan a route of how they will get to their destination.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will create a journal entry to answer the following question: Imagine that you are traveling with one of the explorers talked about in this lesson. Write a journal entry describing the places you have been.
 Have students work in pairs to summarize the lesson's key content, vocabulary and share with class.
 Students will be able to name at least 2 explorers, country they explored for and time line they explored.
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