Lesson Plan : Circular Measurement

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 Grade 9-10

 Definition of radian conversion from Degrees to Radian Comparison of formula from degrees to radians - for length of arc - for area of sector
 To make the student that apart from the degrees measure, there exists another measure for angles known as circular measure and motivate them to use the same to solve questions related to finding out arc lengths as well as areas of sectors
 On completing this lesson, the student will be able to: - understand the meaning of one radian - know the conversion from degrees to radian measure - know the formulae for arc length and area of sector in radins - use the formulae to find unknown values - to identify the key for the radian mode from their calculators
 chalk and blackboard
 - definition of one radian - the sketch with radius = arc length
 -comparison between one whole turn and 2pie -students will deduce that pie radian = 180 degrees -they will be required to use the formula s = r@ to find length of an arc with given radius and known angle - given a situation where r and @ are known, to find the area of a sector - to find other related things like perimeter, or even area of shadede regions
 - given a question on broad, how to convert the given statements into mathematical equations to find for unknown values
 allowing the flexibility to share their solutions in groups of two (extending to groups of four if difficulty persists)
Checking For Understanding:
 circulating in class and ask individual questions to check understanding. provide help and clariffication where necessary.
 summarize the chapter by enumerating the important points. mention the main difficulties encountered while the questions were being tried in class. focus on the why of it nd the what to do of it
 set reasonable homework homework to suit all the different learners
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