Lesson Plan : Concept of Stratification

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 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 What is Stratification?
 Important terms and concepts: Strata, hierarchy, class, gender, ethnicity, age.
 Students should be able to explain and define the concept of stratification with appropriate examples.
 Define 'Strata' Explain how societies are divided in to different groups (or layers) Give examples of different forms of division in society, both past and present Show that some groups are above and others below in a "hierarchy" Derive the definition of stratification from the above
 Whiteboard- teacher will use brainstorming and encourage studenst to consult each other before answering.
 Students will be introduced to the idea of 'strata'- that is layers Use the idea of layer so as to explain the idea of hierarchy Teacher will explain how the concept derives from the idea of different layers in the earth- borrowed from geology.
 Identify different groups that exist in society which make for divisions in society Explain that division is due to differences in wealth & imcome, occupation, power Give examples of other forms of division from ancient societies Identify different forms of divisions around us. Students are exposed to the fact that society is divided into: class, ethnicity, gender and age groups
 Students are encouraged to look at their own classroom, community, village or town and to identify different groups Students find out what makes for the differences- identify factors such as income, wealth etc that differentiates people Students are made to identify forms of divisions Students explain that there are different groups with different power which leads to a hierarchy
 Teacher will help the slow learners by engaging with discussions with them individually, while the others discuss among themselves
Checking For Understanding:
 Questioning on key terms: strata, hierarchy, forms of divisions Students will give the definition
 Summing up and give the topic for the next class.
 Questioning Formative and summative
Teacher Reflections:

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