Lesson Plan : Map Details

Teacher Name:
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Map Components: Title, Compass Rose, Scale,Key, Longitude, Latitude
 Geography: Map usage Vocabulary: political map, physical map, historical map, map title, map scale, map key, compass rose, longitude, latitude, equator, meridian, parrallel
 Students will understand that although maps are used for different applications, all maps use the same components. They will understand how maps can be used to find a location.
 Students will recognize physical, political, and historical maps. Students will name the parts of a map, and be able to locate them on a map. Students will distinguish between longitude and latitude using the terms Prime Meridian, Equator, and parrallel. Students will use longitude and lattitude to locate specific places.
 Activ-Board, Activ-Votes,map handout for notes, map handout for practice, map handout for homework, highlighter or colored marker, pencil
 Put the introduction picture on the board. Brainstorm with class what maps are used for both in school and in everyday life. Intoduce the political, physical, and historical maps. State that even though maps are different they have similar parts
 Put a copy of the map handout up on board. Students will each have a copy. Have the students use knowledge of charts and help to label. Relate the Longitude and lattitude to coordinate map. Illustrate how to use longitude, and lattitude
 Activ-Votes will be used to answer questions about the map handout they have in front of them.
 Handout will be used for notes for students who are more visual, and for those that can not write notes due to fine motor delays. Handout for Activ-vote for students who have vision problems, and for those who are more tactile. Board will be used for student who needs visual input to stay focused. Activ-votes will be used to make lesson interactive to keep students on task.
Checking For Understanding:
 Activ-vote results will be used for whole group and individual assessment. The homework will be corrected the following day using the board so that students can see where any mistakes might have been made. Questions will be asked on next assessment.
 This lesson will close with homework being assigned and the next lesson being highlighted. The students will learn how to use the map scale and key next.
Teacher Reflections:

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